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Cialis: Frequently Asked Questions

Can Cialis be used to treat any other problems?

Cialis was designed to be used as a treatment for erectile dysfunction but, under proper medical supervision, a version of the drug can also be used to treat angina, a problem with the main artery going through the chest to the heart.

Does Cialis solve all erectile dysfunction problems?

Unfortunately, it does not. If the cause of the dysfunction is physical damage to your body, the pill will not magically repair that damage. Physicians and surgeons will be required to treat the underlying cause. Similarly, Cialis does not work if depression is the cause of the dysfunction. Unless you are enjoying life and in the mood for sex, you will not get an erection.

Does Cialis work at all ages?

We all get old and, as we age, the body stops working as it did when we were young. Cialis is not an anti-aging pill. With its help, you will still be able to enjoy sex well into your sixties and seventies, but do not expect the same hardness as when you were a teen.

Why does alcohol interact with Cialis?

Alcohol slows down your breathing and heart rate. Cialis has the same effect. When you combine the two, the slowing of your heart rate can become dangerous. A little social drinking is safe but do not take unnecessary risks.

Does Cialis really cause hearing loss and blindness?

There has been a lot of publicity about this. A recent piece of research looked at all the cases where a link has been made and found absolutely no evidence that Cialis caused either hearing loss or permanently affected eyesight. The only proven effect is that you may see colors differently with blue becoming more dominant.

Are any of the myths about Cialis true?

Again the answer is no. Myths are always untrue so, no matter what you have heard, Cialis does not work like a condom. You can still get a sexual disease and you can become a father unless you take proper precautions.

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